OneThird is on a mission to reduce food waste by offering on-demand fresh produce shelf life prediction

One third of all food produced is wasted throughout the supply chain. This has drastic consequences: Large amounts of water is wasted and a lot of CO2 is emitted. A challenge is that the logistics behind getting fresh produce from the grower to the retailer is complex, especially as quality varies with seasons and environmental conditions like the weather. 

OneThird has developed a fresh produce quality prediction platform. With the technology, quality inspectors can ‘look inside’ fresh produce in a non-destructive manner using Near-Infrared sensors, and inspect many products in a matter of seconds. Combining this data with smartphone images of these products and other relevant environmental data, artificial intelligence algorithms accurately determine both internal and external quality and provide key information such as remaining shelf life and taste. 

OneThird contributes to a world without food waste by giving anyone the power to instantly assess quality and make smarter decisions about fresh produce.