SHIFT Impact Report 2020 is live

SHIFT Impact Report 2020 is live

Waste reduction, water savings or CO2 reduction. There are many ways to have a positive impact on the enviroment. We are happy to share our Impact Report 2020 with you and show the wide range of impactful startups and their results.

Our portfolio achieved a solid growth in impact compared to 2019. Next to outcomes the entrepreneurs realized, they show us how to strive to make the world better and to be motivated to create change. Their solutions inspire and enable us – as consumers, employees and companies - to adopt new habits, to implement new ways of working and to build another mindset.

In our Impact Report 2020 we now proudly present these entrepreneurs. With their companies and teams, they fit in SHIFT’s mission to fight climate change, biodiversity loss and the depletion of the planetary resources.

The report includes an overview of the impact of the portfolio but also of individual companies. We also give an overview of the impact of companies that we exited and include interviews with founders and one of our Impact Committee members.
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At SHIFT, our team invests in solutions that are scalable, as we are all determined to turning investments into impact.

We hope you enjoy reading the report.