NBI Investors manages the following venture capital funds

NBI Investors Team

Guus Verhees

Managing Partner

Guus is convinced sustainability and health impact can only be achieved if you manage to create a profitable business model. He values unconditional commitment and a professional way of working. Guus has already managed two venture capital funds, co-founded and sold several enterprises and has a consulting and finance background.

Janneke Bik

Investment Partner

Janneke is an extraordinary driven professional who is dedicated to contribute to a more sustainable world. She sets high standards for the companies she works with and strives for ambitious growth and results. Janneke is experienced in venture capital, strategy consulting and engineering.

Bram Ledeboer

Investment Partner

Bram loves innovation and is a strong believer in cooperation to realize success. He has been working in venture capital and private equity for several years. His background as technical consultant and chemical engineer, in combination with his strong social skills, make him a good counterpart for technical entrepreneurs.

Thijs Gitmans

Investment Partner

Thijs is always looking for ways to help entrepreneurs accelerate. He has strong social and networking skills and uses these to identify new investment opportunities and add value to portfolio companies. Thijs has a background in venture capital and finance, both in startup and corporate environments.

Florentine Fockema

Investment Partner

Florentine feels a strong personal commitment to contribute to the success of societal and sustainable businesses. She combines her broad financial expertise and analytical skills with a straightforward way of working and she is convinced of the importance of teamwork. Florentine worked in SME banking and mid-market Private Equity before joining SHIFT Invest.

Koen Hooning

Investment Manager

Koen is driven by the believe that new technologies and innovation are key enablers for achieving the world's sustainability targets. He combines his broad interest in technology with experience in business development, management consultancy and finance. Koen has a background in Physics and Econometrics.

Bart Budde


Bart has a strong interest for innovation and sustainability. Graduated as a Chemical Engineer at the TU Delft, Bart enjoys applying his technical knowledge in a broader context. 

Bart Raedts

Venture Partner

Bart is a successful entrepreneur and investor in the biobased industry. He co-founded Orgaworld and sold the company to the UK listed company Shanks in 2012. He has many years of  entrepreneurial and general management experience and the urge to make a change. As such, he is the ideal challenger for ambitious entrepreneurs in the biobased industry. 

Sheila Struyck

Venture Partner

Sheila has a strong interest in healthy and nutricious food and co-founded a dedicated hospital. Her strong network and background in the FMCG sector together with her experience as an entrepreneur make her a valuable partner to make consumer market oriented companies flourish. She is always end-user and NPS focused, since that is proven to drive profitable growth.

Wim Besselink

Finance & Control

Wim is an experienced finance professional with a 15-year background in accountancy at KPMG and 20 years of service at waste management company Shanks Netherlands, of which 10 years as CFO. Wim spends half of his time at NBI Investors and its managed funds. He is responsible for all finance and control activities. Wim is also involved in some of the ventures, in a similar role

New Balance Impact Investors

NBI Investors is an independent fund manager that is responsible for the day to day management of the venture capital funds shown above.

For each fund, NBI Investors aims to attract the leading Dutch corporates and institutions in the focus field of that fund, in order to offer entrepreneurs an invaluable platform with expertise, network and launching partners.


New Balance Impact Investors

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