E-magy supplies new silicon anode material for lithium-ion batteries, accelerating a shift towards sustainable mobility

Road transportation is one of the most polluting sectors in the world. Therefore, almost all global automakers focus on the production of new series of electric vehicles (EVs). However, energy density needs to go up and cost needs to go down to replace internal combustion engines on a large scale.

E-magy has developed a uniquely structured porous silicon anode material for lithium-ion batteries. Silicon enables a much higher energy density, faster charging, and lower battery weight, but has yet to replace graphite in anodes on a large scale due to extreme swelling during charging. E-magy solves the silicon expansion problem by creating a novel nano-sponge structure with pores that allow for internal expansion.

With their scalable production process, E-magy is set up to become a leading supplier for the battery industry and achieve a significant impact by reducing the weight of EVs and accelerating their market penetration.