Jungle helps owners to get more out of their assets by illuminating asset performance, both now and in the future.

Renewable energy generation through solar or wind power is complex and complicated. As a result, the yield of renewable energy is often suboptimal. Thereby, industrial processes undergo a lot of inefficiency due to unplanned downtime. To accelerate the energy transition and achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, this must change. With Jungle's technology, owners can get more out of their machines while maintaining full control and ownership of their data.

Jungle enables energy and industry players to take back control of their increasingly complex machine parks. Leveraging existing sensors and data streams, Jungle's Canopy platform can be quickly deployed to apply the world's most powerful AI technology to increase the availability and performance of electromechanical components. With renewable energy as its first application area, Jungle is accelerating the global transition to renewable energy sources.