Vertoro produces “lignin oil”, Goldilocks®, which can be used in fuel, chemical and material applications

Today, fossil oil is still widely used. We use it to fuel our airplanes, cars, and trucks, and to make products like medicines and plastics. Even though these products make life easier – the way we produce and use them often harms the environment. Sustainable substitutes are needed, for example through bio-based technology.

Vertoro developed a patented thermochemical process to produce lignin oil, so called Goldilocks®, from sustainably sourced forestry and agricultural residues. Goldilocks®, like fossil oil, can be used as a platform for fuel, chemical and material applications. The main side stream of the process is cellulose, which can also be used to produce bio-based materials and chemicals, such as paper and ethanol, respectively.

With this new technology Vertoro aims to speed up the green revolution by offering a bio-based alternative to fossil resources.