Foamplant is on a mission to transform the foaming industry by offering the world a sustainable alternative to technical foam materials.

The Groningen-based company is an innovative supplier of customized biobased and biodegradable foam.

Foamplant produces Growfoam, a patent-pending plant substrate for seedling germination and plant cultivation. The dimensionally stable and clean plant substrate is produced from biodegradable biopolymers and natural additives. The substrate plugs offer multiple benefits: they are biodegradable under natural and composting conditions, clean & inert (peat & coir free) and cost competitive. On top of that, they have a well-defined and stable water capacity during cultivation and an optimal potential for automation.

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Laan van Kronenburg 14
1183 AS Amstelveen
T 020 3032071
KvK: 61295922

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