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SHIFT Invest is an impact venture capital fund and it is our goal to generate environmental / health impact alongside financial return. We focus on the investment themes below, where we have the strongest network and knowledge basis and where we can offer more than just capital.

Investment themes

AGRICULTURE & NUTRIENTS - We need to double crop production in the next 35 Years to meet the demand for food, fuel and fibre

FOOD & HEALTH - 7% of Dutch healthcare costs related to unhealthy living habits. Unbalanced diets lead to 40,000 new cases of long- term illness per year in the Netherlands

BIOBASED TECHNOLOGIES 1/3 of globally produced food is wasted due to lack of know-how, improper  handling, transportation, or storage. The shift towards a circular economy  could add $1 trillion to the global economy by 2025

WATER & CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES - The global agriculture sector consumes 70% of the world’s fresh water usage.  Freshwater is distributed unevenly and too much of it is wasted, polluted and unsustainably managed. Resource shortages are increasing rapidly. Inefficient use and lack of  revaluing side streams/waste contribute to a broad range of negative environmental impacts.



The most important criteria for an investment by SHIFT are the following:

  • Strong management
  • Activities within our focus themes
  • A breakthrough and proven innovation
  • Ability to demonstrate the market potential
  • A strong growth ambition
  • Clear added value by SHIFT Invest and partners possible
  • Strong link to the Netherlands
  • A well-founded impact case

 We typically invest up to € 2-3M per company as lead investor and are open to co-investing. Investments are always staged based on milestones. There should be a realistic exit potential after 4-6 years of investment, preferably through a joint sale of the company.  SHIFT Invest also provides seed capital of up to €250K to very promising start-ups through convertible loans.


Way of working

As an investor, we are actively involved on an as needed basis.

We assist our portfolio companies to realise their growth potential through regular interaction with management, through strategic support, with technical insights & market intelligence of our platform partners and through financial support by our team members.

SHIFT Invest has an Impact Committee that, together with the investment managers, assesses and monitors the impact of our portfolio companies on ecological or health sustainability at time of investment and yearly afterwards. The Committee consists of people with academic and/or health & environmental backgrounds.



Why was SHIFT Invest created?

We believe that change is needed

Bio-/agriculture based value chains are under unprecedented pressure and are becoming increasingly complex. Global demand drivers require more efficient supply of healthy ingredients and sustainable bio-based building blocks.

To facilitate the change needed, Innovation and cooperation across the value chain are key.

How are we going to achieve it?

We accelerate innovation

SHIFT Invest is an open-innovation investment platform with a focus on Dutch companies. We provide venture capital alongside knowledge and a broad network through our partners and portfolio companies. With this mix, SHIFT Invest supports ambitous start-up entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

What are our actions?

We provide venture capital, knowledge and broad networks

We target companies that developed a breakthrough and proven innovation, can demonstrate the market potential, and have a strong growth ambition. Innovations should be related to the food & agriculture value chain, healthy nutrition and clean technologies, where we have the strongest network and knowledge basis.

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