HeatMatrix develops and manufactures innovative plastic heat exchangers for the recovery of waste heat from industrial flue gases.

With traditional heat exchangers, a significant amount of waste heat still remains unused due to the limited applicability of these models. The Heat Matrix heat exchanger overcomes this limitations and is up to 10 times lighter, up to 3 times more compact and more efficient than regular metal exchangers. The resistance to high temperatures (~ 225 °C) and highly corrosive acids is one of the core strengths of the exchangers.The life time of a Heatmatrix heat exchanger is given the higher resistance much longer than the currently available industrial exchangers and the investment in a Heatmatrix heat exchanger has a very short cost-recovery period. The potential of this technology for more sustainable processing and for energy efficiency is very large, amongst others in the petrochemicals and chemicals, bioenergy, food, agricultural and paper industries.

The LUVO XL can amongst others be applied to the air of furnaces, for example industrial steam boilers as well as to drying processes in many food and non-food industries like milk powder, ceramic, detergents, starch, etc.SHIFT Invest (in succession of Dutch Greentech Fund), together with two German investors and the 'Innovatie- en Investeringsfonds Gelderland', invested EUR 2,4 million in HeatMatrix. This investment will be used for further commercialisation of Heatmatrix's products in Europe.www.heatmatrixgroup.com

Latest news about HeatMatrix

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