Promising water treatment technology receives VC investment

Press release 07 maart 2017
Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Water treatment company CEVAP Technology has closed a seed investment with SHIFT Invest, an impact investment VC fund based in the Netherlands.


CEVAP Technology developed a smart evaporator based prototype to prove that the system can economically deal with difficult waste-water streams, or produce affordable drinking water on a small scale. The solution uses a replaceable cartridge that minimizes both operational and upfront investment costs. With this investment CEVAP Technology will demonstrate the technology at full scale and pilot it with select customers.

"This seed investment enables us to set-up a full-scale demonstration model and prove the business cases for different water treatment applications. We are delighted to have SHIFT Invest as a shareholder as they will add valuable momentum, not only towards commercialization of our technology, but also in finding routes to market", says Hein Weijdema, CEO of CEVAP Technology.

CEVAP has been able to demonstrate good thermal performance using low cost materials, enabling the use of a cartridge based evaporation systems. This eliminates the need for extensive (chemical) cleaning, pre-treatment and downtime because of fouling and scaling. The target market for CEVAP is the low to medium volume (waste) water streams gap, for which no economical solution is currently available.

"We are impressed by the simple but effective solution, the in-depth knowledge of the team and pragmatic and market driven approach in developing this new technology. We are pleased to be a part of this company and team and will support them with our extensive knowledge and network in the field", says Bart Raedts, Venture Partner at SHIFT Invest.

CEVAP TECHNOLOGY is a Dutch water treatment technology start-up, developing a thermal water treatment solution by applying unique technology that is driven by waste heat. CEVAP Technology aims to create the most sustainable & affordable water treatment solution available for the low to medium volume water market. Initial target markets are the Biomass and Chemical industry; future markets will include Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Drinking Water industries.

For more information about CEVAP Technology, please contact:
Hein Weijdema (CEO)
+31 (0)6 14 55 60 52

SHIFT INVEST is a Dutch venture capital fund that invests in innovations related to the food & agriculture value chain, healthy nutrition and clean (bio-based) technologies. Through our investments, we strive to create environmental sustainability or health impact alongside financial return. Together with the fund partners Wageningen UR, Menzis, TU Delft, Rabobank and WNF, we offer entrepreneurs a broad network and knowledge of the sector. SHIFT is managed by New Balance Impact Investors (NBI), experienced investment professionals and entrepreneurs. NBI manages 4 venture capital funds, backed by strong and involved partners that share our mission to create impact through innovation.

For more information about SHIFT Invest and NBI please contact:
Janneke Bik - Investment Partner
+31 (0)651086090


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