Battery Tech Innovator E-Magy Raises € 5 Million In Funding Round Led By SHIFT Invest

Battery Tech Innovator E-Magy Raises € 5 Million In Funding Round Led By SHIFT Invest

The funds will be used to scale the production of E-magy's proprietary nano-porous silicon and to accelerate qualification programs with electric vehicle (EV) and battery manufacturers. E-magy will expand the team and prepare for the construction of a new facility in the Netherlands with production planned for 2023. The use of E-magy’s specialty silicon in EV battery anodes increases energy density of battery cells by 40%, enabling longer-range EVs and lower-cost compact cars.

Dutch battery tech scale-up E-magy has secured an additional 5 million of funding. SHIFT Invest, an impact venture capital fund that invests in circular technologies, smart food & ag-tech, bio-based innovations and smart materials, has led the funding round with participation of existing investors including PDENH. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has committed an innovation credit to accelerate the development of E-magy’s unique technology.

The fresh capital injection enables E-magy to increase production at its fully operational pilot production line for nano-porous silicon and accelerate qualification programs with automakers and battery manufacturers. The company will also use the funds to expand the team and make preparations for a new facility in the Netherlands which will boost annual capacity to thousands of tons per year. E-magy plans to start production at the new facility in 2023.

Casper Peeters, co-founder and CEO: “The additional funding comes at an exciting time when we are scaling up production capacity of our proprietary nano-porous silicon and are advancing with automakers and battery manufacturers to improve battery cell performance. Nano-porous silicon is the solution to the urgent need for high-energy batteries, enabling affordable and efficient electric vehicles for everybody. E-magy is set to power millions of electric vehicles.”

Bram Ledeboer, partner at SHIFT Invest: “We are pleased to support the E-magy team to become a leading supplier to the EV battery industry. Innovation plays a crucial role in rebalancing the world we live in and E-magy is well positioned to create significant impact by boosting the performance of batteries at lower costs.”

The technology

E-magy processes silicon in a unique, cost-effective and scalable way to make ‘nano-sponge’ particles which form the basis of non-swelling, high-capacity silicon anodes of lithium-ion batteries. E-magy’s nano-porous silicon improves the energy density and shortens the charge time of batteries allowing for an extended range at lower costs and leading to more compact models than today’s high-end vehicles. Silicon is abundantly available and environmentally benign.

The opportunity

As almost all global automakers focus on the production of new series of all-electric and plug-in EVs, the demand for batteries is rising exponentially. E-magy offers a highly scalable, next generation battery material that can provide automakers with a clear competitive edge. Moreover, E-magy’s technology platform allows for use in various other devices such as e-bikes and scooters, drones, computers and handheld devices, medical devices and electric energy storage systems for balancing of (renewable) energy supply and demand.

About E-magy
E-magy ( designs and manufactures nano-porous silicon material for advanced lithium-ion batteries. E-magy works with partners throughout the global automotive supply chain. The people behind E-magy have 20+ years of silicon crystallisation experience and are based in Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands. E-magy empowers tomorrow’s batteries today.