C1 Connections lands investment from SHIFT Invest and Dolfin Capital

C1 Connections lands investment from SHIFT Invest and Dolfin Capital

Deep-tech start-up C1 Connections BV has secured an investment from SHIFT Invest and Dolfin Capital. The funds will be used to further grow the team, expand the business, and prepare for commercial scale delivery of C1 Wedge Connection fasteners for offshore wind farms.

The C1 Wedge Connection™ is a patented novel wind turbine connection technology. The C1 Wedge Connection™, developed by C1 Connections BV, is a high-capacity connection that can be installed faster and safer than conventional bolted flange connections. It can be used in off- and onshore wind turbines, both in turbine towers and foundations. In August 2023 the technology received the A-level component certificate by DNV.

The development of the C1 Wedge Connection started early 2017, and it was introduced in the first wind turbine in 2021. This wind turbine has been operating successfully for 2 years. More implementations in wind turbines are planned for 2024.

Wind energy is expected to be a key contributor to a clean energy system. According to scenario’s referenced by IRENA, wind will constitute between 30-50% of the EU’s electricity generation by 2050 if we are to achieve >90% emissions reduction.

The C1 Wedge Connection can deliver the high capacity that is needed for the next generation wind turbines. The ultimate and fatigue loads continue to increase with wind turbines continuing to grow in size and being installed on sites in increasingly harsh environmental conditions, or on floating platforms. The C1 Wedge Connection not only technically enables the construction of larger wind turbines, it  will also improve the LCOE by reducing CAPEX and OPEX while allowing safer installation.

With the offshore wind industry battling with grouted and bolted connections the C1 Wedge Connection offers a proven alternative that can be seen as a one-on-one alternative for the traditional bolted L-flange.

Jasper Winkes, Managing Director C1 Connections: "SHIFT invest is a good fit for us and they have a clear focus on the companies that can drive the energy transition. The investment from SHIFT Invest and Dolfin Capital will help us to commercially introduce the developed technology in commercial scale windfarms."

Koen Hooning, Investment Manager SHIFT Invest: “We have spoken to many different players in the offshore wind market, from OEMs to developers, as well as installers and advisors. The amount of positive feedback in this commercial due diligence was overwhelming. The whole industry knows the problem and sees that C1 provides a strong solution. We believe that with our investment and support, C1 Connections can contribute to accelerating the energy transition.”

For more information on the C1 Wedge Connection™, visit the C1 Connection website at www.c1connections.com