Maxem raises Series A for intelligent e-mobility and energy management platform

Maxem raises Series A for intelligent e-mobility and energy management platform

Maxem offers a B2B charging and energy management platform, allowing businesses to optimize their EV charging operations. Enabling customers to better manage their energy flows, Maxem mitigates the need for large grid connections and facilitates the electrification of fleets. SHIFT Invest invests EUR 3.6M, together with existing investors including Breesaap Green Link, to expand the Maxem team and opertions. 

Grid congestion bottleneck to growing electrification needs

Both climate ambitions and regulation have prompted a tremendous push towards increased electrification of vehicles. Regulators are setting more stringent emission targets for (inner city) transport. Consumer behavior and awareness are changing as more people demand sustainable alternatives. This means that companies with large fleets face a major challenge, as they are not prepared for this scale of electrification and, in consequence, growing energy needs. Moreover, in many places in Europe the power grid is heavily congested, with as result that businesses can no longer get grid connections large enough to fulfill their charging needs.

Maxem offers an intelligent energy management platform

Maxem offers a cloud solution and a controller that enable smart control of charge points, solar panels and batteries. Maxem monitors the energy flows of the business premises and combines this information with charging needs of the operation, to optimize EV charging. In doing so, Maxem allows businesses optimize the use of their grid connection by matching charging behavior to the availability of renewable energy, but also specific business needs such as fleet departure times. For instance, Maxem is currently helping a well-known courier company with its out-of-town distribution center, so that it can operate as independently from the grid as possible and supply the inner-city emission-free with their electrified fleet.

The Maxem solution can essentially be relevant to any fleet, whether private or business, that involves a large number of charging points and a limited grid connection. Current customers include ANWB, Unica, Stedin, Spie, Rijkswaterstaat, CBR, SVB and Schiphol.

Emission-free airports

The Royal Schiphol Group has the ambition to achieve emission-free airports by 2030. InThis requires both passenger and supplier vehicles tobe electrified, as well as heavier airport ground transport, the bus fleet and office logistics around the airport. For this purpose, Schiphol is installing up to 10,000 new charge points. Maxem provides the platform that monitors and controls the existing and new charging infrastructure and enables smart control of the required charging capacity based on occupancy, priority, energy rates, transport planning and the availability of renewable energy from the airport’s solar panels.


With the investment, Maxem will further develop its technology platform, expand its team and increase market share. In addition, the company expects its team at its Amsterdam headquarters to grow significantly.

 Peter Boon (CEO, Maxem): The world is moving away from fossil fuels at an increasing pace and is embracing the new reality. The electrification of vehicles and assets is taking off, as is the increase in renewable energy generation. This transition to sustainability and self-sufficiency comes with its own challenges. With our cloud platform and the knowledge and network of SHIFT Invest, we are tackling these challenges and together contributing to an emission-free future.

Thijs Gitmans (Partner, SHIFT Invest): We got excited when we saw how Maxem's solid smart energy management solution wins them customers over established competitors. The timing is also excellent, because Maxem, with a highly skilled and driven team, makes it possible for customers to expand their electric fleet without being limited by the increasing restrictions in the electricity grid.