New venture capital fund SHIFT Invest launched

New venture capital fund SHIFT Invest launched

First fund to invest in food & health and clean bio-based technologies. Menzis, Rabobank, Wageningen UR, TU Delft and the World Wildlife Fund have set up a new investment fund: SHIFT Invest. The fund invests in ambitious Dutch companies with innovative technologies or solutions within the themes: agro, food & health, clean and bio-based technologies. SHIFT Invest's objective is to create an impact on sustainability and health, in addition to a financial return.

SHIFT stands for "Sustainability and Health Impact through Food & agri Transitions". SHIFT Invest is the follow-up fund of the Dutch Greentech Fund. With the entry of new investor Menzis, the investment domain is broadened to food and health.

SHIFT Invest responds to the increasing attention for new food concepts as a result of increasing under- and overnutrition in developed economies. In addition, the fund focuses on the necessary, sustainable innovations in the traditional agro-food chain and in chemistry through (partial) transition to bio-based raw materials.

Innovation, cooperation and crossovers between sectors form the basis of new sustainable chains and the strengthening of the population's living capacity. With its strong knowledge base and leading agro, food and chemical industry, the Netherlands has the potential to produce leading innovations.

SHIFT Invest's investment team and its shareholders actively work with ambitious entrepreneurs on innovations and breakthrough technologies. The fund offers a combination of venture capital, relevant networks and knowledge to accelerate their proven innovation to the market.

SHIFT Invest participates up to several million euros in exchange for a minority interest. In the first few years, convertible loans of up to € 250,000 are also granted to promising early stage companies. In addition to the usual investment criteria, such as the quality of the management and a sound business plan, the fund has impact objectives in the areas of sustainability and health.

"Investing in companies that offer innovative technologies that contribute to people's health dovetails perfectly with Menzis' higher goal, which is to provide high-quality care together in order to strengthen the quality of life of every human being," said Roger van Boxtel, CEO of Menzis.

Bas Rüter, Director of Sustainability at Rabobank: "A reliable, healthy and sustainable food supply is crucial for everyone. Sustainable innovative entrepreneurship is vitally important for this. Rabobank is committed to this together with its customers through contributing knowledge, network and financial solutions".

"This fund helps start-ups bring innovative, 'green' solutions to the market that stimulate healthy food and a sustainable living environment," says Ruud van den Bulk, head of business development at Wageningen UR.

Paul Althuis, Director Valorisation Center at TU Delft: "Availability of capital and access to the partners' network for promising early-stage companies with pioneering sustainable technologies contribute to TU Delft's valorisation objective.

Dylan de Gruijl, WNF press officer: "Conservation of nature is expressly linked to our consumption. Preserving biodiversity depends on our choices and ingenuity to use the earth's natural resources sparingly. Sustainable innovation by progressive entrepreneurs is indispensable in this respect. SHIFT Invest is an important flywheel for bringing promising ideas and technologies to maturity''.