NOM, Doefonds Fryslân and SHIFT Invest invest in agritech company Mastiline

NOM, Doefonds Fryslân and SHIFT Invest invest in agritech company Mastiline

Mastiline closes Series-A investment round with NOM, Doefonds Fryslân, SHIFT Invest and management.

Mastiline closes Series-A investment round with NOM, Doefonds Fryslân, SHIFT Invest and management.

Next to a capital injection, the consortium offers access to their network and knowledge. The company moves North (Heerenveen) close to the Dairy Campus.

Mastiline offers a solution to one of the largest issues of a dairy farmer. Udder infection (Mastitis) accounts for a large part of the expenses related to the health of the herd. Early detection of the infection (subclinical) will help prevent cows from getting seriously ill. The health of the herd will improve which will increase the overall yield. In addition, less anti-biotics are required. The technology can be used to measure in-line and external lab tests are no longer necessary. The system can be integrated in traditional milking systems and robots.

Evert van de Werfhorst, CEO Mastiline: "We believe sensors are essential in improving company processes. In the labor intensive dairy sector automatization (robots) is well advanced. As a consequence, the famer will get more distant from the individual cow. Mastiline offers a solution that provides real time insights of the animals. This provides not only convenience but will also enable the farmer to improve the efficiency of the operation."

Ruud van Dijk, Investment Manager at NOM: "One of the reasons for Mastiline to come to the province of Fryslân is because of the valuable infrastructure Fryslân offers to grow towards an international successful enterprise."
Diederik Jongema, Investment Manager at Doefonds Fryslân: "Our fund is proud to provide Mastiline the opportunity to further develop and benefit from a dairy focused region. Mastiline's tool is a solution to dairy farmers to better track the health of the animals, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. "

Bram Ledeboer, Partner at SHIFT Invest: "Mastiline offers a solution to a key issue in the dairy sector globally. Together with our partners, including Rabobank and Wageningen University, we offer access to knowledge and a global network. We are pleased to announce that Evert van de Werfhorst and Anna Farrenkopf invest alongside the consortium, through IZER, and joined as shareholder."

About NOM

The investment and development agency for the Northern Netherlands, NOM, stimulates economic activity and the development of employment in the Northern Netherlands. NOM provides risk-bearing capital, offers assistance with location selection, promotes investment and initiates projects that increase the competitive strength of businesses in the region. As of mid-May 2016 NOM has invested over € 80 million in almost 100 companies that are or plan to be established in the provinces of Groningen, Friesland of Drenthe. The emphasis is on innovative companies with a transregional character.

About Doefonds Fryslân

Doefonds Fryslân is committed to strengthening the economic structure and expansion of employment in the province of Fryslân by stimulating innovation in SMEs. Financing innovative entrepreneurs, starters or existing companies with new idea's is essential to achieving this objective. Doefonds Fryslân provides risk-bearing capital in the form of subordinated loans and/or share capital for innovative SMEs established in Fryslân.

About SHIFT Invest

SHIFT Invest is a Dutch venture capital fund providing early stage and growth capital to innovative companies in the agro & food value chain, healthy food, clean technologies, such as water and bio-based technologies. Within these sectors we offer, next to capital, access to global networks and expertise supporting entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions. SHIFT Invest is an Impact Investor focused on innovations with a material and positive impact on the environment or health with sound financial return potential.

About IZER

Within IZER, we want to improve the cycles of life, by adding sensors and data intelligence to the world. Therefore we seed, invest, grow and bring companies to further develop and flourish around sensoring technology and big data, with special focus on water- and agricultural applications.