Scope Biosciences raises €500K investment from SHIFT and Oost NL

Scope Biosciences raises €500K investment from SHIFT and Oost NL

Scope Biosciences B.V., a pioneer in CRISPR-Cas based molecular diagnostics, announces a €500K investment round led by SHIFT Invest’s TTT fund and Oost NL. This funding propels the company’s groundbreaking work in developing and bringing to market their first agricultural tests using the revolutionary scopeDx® molecular diagnostic platform.

The CRISPR-Cas technology, renowned for its revolutionary contributions to gene-editing, has become a keystone in the realm of molecular biology and genetics. Though widely recognized for its ability to modify genetic codes with immense precision, which was a development acknowledged with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2020, its applications extend beyond genetic engineering. 
Rooted in the innovative work of Prof. John van der Oost and Asst. Prof. Raymond Staals from Wageningen University, the university’s spinoff Scope Biosciences utilizes the precision and user-friendliness of CRISPR-Cas to redefine molecular diagnostics, enabling fast & highly accurate testing outside traditional testing laboratories. 

The new funding will amplify the company’s capabilities to commercialize the scopeDx® technology, particularly in the agricultural sector. These agricultural tests aim to streamline the diagnosis and monitoring of various agricultural pathogens by applying a highly specific on-site platform, enabling accurate and rapid pathogen treatment, thereby supporting sustainable and efficient farming practices in high density agriculture.

Niek Savelkoul, CEO of Scope Biosciences, explained, “This funding milestone accelerates our journey towards reshaping molecular diagnostics in agriculture. The scopeDx® platform, built upon the CRISPR-Cas technology, is poised to become an instrumental tool in revolutionizing agricultural testing. With the support from SHIFT Invest and OostNL, we’re well-positioned to make these innovations accessible to the market.”

SHIFT is an impact VC from the Netherlands, focusing on disruptive innovations, among others, in the agricultural sector. Sophie van Weede, Associate at SHIFT, about the investment: “Scope’s ability to develop and market tools for diagnostics that can enable vegetable- and seed breeders to detect issues earlier, is a perfect fit with our fund and mission. We look forward to working with Scope’s team and support them in their market entry amongst others”.

Oost NL is the East Netherlands Development Agency supporting and investing in innovative entrepreneurs within food and agri and other sectors. Jos Putker, investment manager Food at Oost NL is pleased to have invested in Scope. “Their proposition to apply CRISPR-Cas technology in very early stage diagnostics of diseases in plants and seeds, contributes to a sustainable and efficient production. We welcome Scope’s team and we, together with SHIFT look forward to help them to become successful.”