SHIFT Invest and Rabo Food & Agri Innovation Fund provide agricultural scale-up 30MHz with € 3.5 million

SHIFT Invest and Rabo Food & Agri Innovation Fund provide agricultural scale-up 30MHz with € 3.5 million

Amsterdam –This series A investment round will be used to accelerate the development of the ZENSIE platform and to strengthen 30MHz's worldwide distribution network.
ZENSIE is 30MHz's proprietary data platform which links with wireless and hardwired crop sensors to provide cost-effective analytics to growers to optimize their crop production. ZENSIE was built with input from growers in order to ensure that real-time, accurate, relevant data is produced. Growers are now able to deploy and manage their sensors remotely and see key growing metrics through a simple to use personal dashboard.

Crucial role in the development of digital agriculture

"We have known the company and the 30MHz Team for a few years and are impressed by their speed and agility. We expect that 30MHz will play a major role within the future development of digital agriculture. On the one hand, to accelerate innovation and on the other to achieve higher quality produce with fewer resources", says Guus Verhees, Managing Partner at SHIFT Invest.
"Access to accurate and real-time crop-level data to optimize growing efficiency remains a challenge for both high and low tech indoor growers alike" comments Richard O'Gorman, Director of Rabo F&A Innovation Fund. "Led by an exceptional management team, 30MHz is leading the way with its cost-effective solution to providing detailed crop analytics, from data gathering to ground-breaking front end analysis and data sharing through its proprietary platform.
Access to accurate data
The investment parties are proud to have invested in 30MHz, a scale-up gaining strong market traction with a leading technology. Verhees and O'Gorman agree: "30MHz is aligned with our vision to drive sustainable agriculture and we look forward to supporting 30MHz and the team in a successful future".

Insightful and Interactive

ZENSIE has been developed using expertise from specialists in the horticultural and agricultural sectors, including Wageningen University, Priva, Delphy, and Rijk Zwaan. The platform collects and analyses its data from a range of data sources such as crop sensors, climate systems, and manual user input. Data can be pushed through to third party applications making ZENSIE suitable for low to high tech operations. The platform is already used by more than 250 customers including BASF, Enza Zaden, Royal van Zanten and various smaller vegetable and plant nurseries.

DIY Digitization

The investment in 30MHz will continue to drive its growth as a dominant brand in the sector. 30MHz CEO, Jurg van Vliet, says "This specific industry is ripe for DIY digitization – ZENSIE's ease of use means that it will become the go-to product in the market. Although we have only been active in the horticultural and agricultural sector for 2.5 years, we fully understand the potential within this market. By working with our customers and partners we are looking forward to further developing the platform and thanks to this recent investment we are now able to further expand internationally."

Co-Founder and CTO Flavia Paganelli is convinced that growth in the sector is immeasurable, "this sector will always exist because we need food to survive. We have created a sustainable product that is also available in areas where there are fewer resources, such as economically developing regions. ZENSIE has also made it easier to share knowledge proportionately."

About 30MHz

Through ZENSIE, 30MHz offers a central portal for all stakeholders in the agricultural sector to gain full insight into the crop level climatic conditions of horticultural and agricultural produce. ZENSIE analyses data interactively and enables growers, advisers, distributors, and researchers to continuously improve the production process of vegetables, plants, seeds, and bulbs. It provides data to make educated decisions on optimizing irrigation and ventilation, preventing diseases, pest control and extending shelf life during storage.