The Renewal Workshop is the leading provider of circular solutions for apparel and textile brands

The Renewal Workshop (TRW) aims to solve hard problems and to create new systems that do what is good and right for people and for the planet. The Renewal System is the process developed to bridge gaps, connect systems, and mobilize leadership to make existing linear manufacturing practices circular. At its heart, it is a collaborative process that relies on progressive brand partners committed to sustainability.

Brands and retailers lack systems to recover value from unsellable inventory. For garments that have been produced but cannot be sold, the creative, physical, natural and financial resources invested in them are lost. This leads to massive waste problems with negative environmental impacts, significant financial losses for brands and missed opportunities for consumers.

The Renewal System takes discarded apparel and textiles and turns them into Renewed Apparel, upcycled materials or recycling feedstock. Data is collected on everything that flows through the system and is given back to TRWs brand partners to help them improve the production and design of future products. It is a zero waste system that recovers the full value out of what has already been created as a way of serving customers, partners and planet.

The Renewal Workshop is providing the apparel industry a completely circular and sustainable solution and we're providing customers a way to become zero waste consumers.

Nicole Bassett and Jeff Denby founded the company because they "don't believe in throwing things away that aren't really trash."




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