Carlsberg Ukraine successfully installed a HeatMatrix air preheater

News item 11 september 2015

Recently Carlsberg Ukraine successfully installed a HeatMatrix polymer LUVO air preheater on their co-fired steam boiler at their Kiev site as part of their goal to realise energy savings and reduce carbon emission.

Carlsberg Ukraine's head of engineering Dmytro Markovskyy said "I'm very pleased with the performance of the HeatMatrix LUVO exchanger since it is operating according to specification and was delivered on time".

Director Global Sales and marketing of HeatMatrix Marco Oomen emphasises that it is a schoolbook example of the benefits of the HeatMatrix polymer LUVO air preheater. Many breweries have invested in conversion of waste water into bio-gas. Energy cost are reduced when this biogas is co-fired on existing steam boilers. However, due to a small concentration of sulphur in biogas the flue gas becomes acidic when cooled below the acid dew point (frequently around 110 °C). The polymer tube bundles of the HeatMatrix LUVO air preheater are resistant to acid dew point corrosion and are durable because of the rigid honeycomb configuration. Similar applications on biogas co-fired boilers can be found in the sugar, potato and paper industry.


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